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Your donations make this important project possible!

There are two direct ways you can help Qayanek save and promote traditional Yup’ik qayaq building knowledge
Direct Donation

Qayanek always welcomes donations. Especially, now with Qayanek’s efforts to build 10 contemporary Yup’ik kayaks.  Qayanek is personally putting many thousands of dollars of in kind support into the effort.. When donations are given directly to Qayanek there is no paper work for you, and the donation is not tax deductible.  Qayanek will pay taxes on the funds because the revenue is very needed  to  help cover the cost of labor for building so many kayaks.  Donations have helped Qayanek to train local qayaq builders and save this amazing traditional knowledge.   Qayanek is small, but it has become a world class traditional qayaq building center. The expense of keeping the center open with oil prices, electricity, and equipment and labor have been extreme. Oil, electricity, and maintenance for the past 10 years have always been covered privately by Bill & Mary Ann Wilkinson. (Mary is Frank and Nellie Andrew’s daughter, and one of our trained skin sewers) Anyone willing to help is more than welcome to mail  a donation.

  Tax Deductible Donation

The First Alaskans Foundation is a major funder of the 10 qayaq building effort. But they only offer grants if appropriate in-kind support is offered. The Native Village of Kwigillingok is the local tribal governmental office managing the grant, and has been very supportive in the effort to save traditional knowledge. If you are interested in helping the local economy and to save and promote this valuable knowledge related to kayak building please send donations to the Native Village of Kwigillingok. These tax deductible donations will help train traditional builders, and promote safe kayaking skills. Feel free to send donations of any size to:

The Native Village of Kwigillingok
Attn: Accounting
P. O. Box 49
Kwigillingok, Alaska

1-907-588-8114      (ask for accounting)